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and Payara

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Peacock Bass

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The Best Fishing Trips in Colombia

  • Bocón
    The Bocón is a river where really large peacock bass lives, you may be able to catch some of more...
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  • Mataveni
    The Mataveni River has remained for long periods without sport fishing in their waters, and now the indigenous community has...
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  • Tomo and Tuparro
    These two rivers have amazing fishing because of its unique characteristics and also because they are located on a protected area...
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  • Vichada
    The Vichada is a river with very low sport fishing and commercial fishing pressure because accessing to it is not...
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We Serve

Our Willingness to Service

In our mission statement is appropriated our willingness to serve as our main strength. To serve our visitors so they will return home very satisfied, to serve local communities of the remote places we operate so they get the best economic resources and knowledge for improving their life conditions, and to serve the environment of our fishing places so these ecosystems remain healthy and good fishing continue sustainable and plentiful.

To See

Fly Fishing Tackle

Rods, reels, lines and leaders for the Orinoco

Peacock Bass and Payara will test your tackle. Have an idea of what to bring to have a great fishing on the Orinoco watershed.


Peacock Bass Species

New Species

If we want a little deeper knowledge about peacock bass and positively identify them, we need to follow a few simple clues.



How to do it


Lets know how to release the fish you catch to be sure they will remain healthy, and know the facts of after-release deaths.



C & R

Recent News

  • We have the best flies for 2016/2017 Orinoco Peacock Bas and Payara...

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