It has been a few years of knowing and fishing with Carlos and I have to say that there is no other fisherman, fly tier or nature enthusiast that can price himself of possessing the knowledge and experience regarding the Colombian fisheries and in particular the Orinoco basin region. No matter if you are thinking of trout fishing in the Andes Mountains, or fishing for peacock bass in the tributaries of the Orinoco River, Carlos will always have a tip or trick to help you. Opposite of the secrecy and jealousy that characterizes fishermen and their fishing spots, favorite fly, perfect trick, you will be surprised by the candidness and honest camaraderie that flows the minute you met him.

Is in this spirit that I wanted to share one of my best fishing experiences.  Having someone show you ways of improving your game and getting you in position of catching record size peacock bass, experiencing massive strikes, breaks and also breaking a rod or tow will get you felling the rush of adrenaline that you´ve been crabbing since you start making preparations for that trip that promises exotic places, fine accommodations, local cuisine that will comfort you during and after those long and intense fishing session and infrastructure that will take into account simple but comforting things like a river side hammock nap after lunch.

I have been in the Mataveni River twice and I can state that having a partner like Carlos brought so much more to the table when compared with my previous experience, and is with that experiences fishing with Carlos I can only say: prepare your self because you are in for the treat of your life, your fishing life at least.

Juan Manuel Laverde, Bogotá, drlaverde@gmail.com

Can’t wait to fish again grrrrr

Fishing? Me? No way! I’m not about fishing, at all! Joining my boyfriend on the Mataven river, that was the idea…

First day, on the boat with our guide Otto, some fishing rods with us, we went far from the camp and enjoyed the crazy jungle, and amazing animals (we were surrounded by dolphins, otters, flies - not only the fishing ones - and tons of birds). Wow, you got it? I quickly realised that will be much different from what I thought. And, it was as I decided to fish for the first time ! I was quickly hook to a magnificent peacock and got hooked myself to fishing !

Every day had its own magic, early morning breakfast with the fishermen team and the indigenous who cooked the local meal, the sunrise and the dream of the catch of the day, looking for the good spot for the dream peacock bass, fresh beers lunch break in the shadow (thanks god!) and finally the way back to the camp when everyone is about telling its story of the day, each one more epic, everyone with THE fishing smile ! Diner time still with the nice indigenous cooking, some chili sauce and flies workshop for the day after.

I couldn’t imagine a better trip to begin with the fishing, Carlos was as much a friend, a father and my bodyguard against mosquitos and all of the flying stuff!

Wish everyone to live it once, I’ll be back!

Alyette Duquesne, Paris, d.alyette@gmail.com

Fishing the Mataven

My girlfriend and I had the chance to fish the Mataven river in march 2016. Among the growing community of colombian sport fishermen Rio Mataven is known as one of Colombia’s best spot for peacock bass, the mighty pavone in spanish. It is a beautiful river lost in the forest with a large number of oxbow lakes, some of them big enough to fish the whole day. The nature there is written in capital letters, birds, butterflies and a lot of bugs ! But every fishermen knows that the more bugs, the more fish ! We did hear a lot of stories with peacock bass specimens over 20lbs caught in the Mataven, but you know fishermen stories… But indeed the prophecy did happen ! The conditions were not easy, water’s level was low, the peacock bass tended to stay in the middle of the river and not on the banks where you would have believed they would be. We had to fish deep and bury our dream to catch monsters on poppers. My girlfriend whom started fishing had a lot of fun seeing her propeller lure exploded by some angry peacocks.

Like in most fishing trips we had good and bad days, but even in a poor day on the Mataven you catch a lot of schoolies, 3 to 6lbs fish. Among 8 flyfishermen I was the only one not to catch a fish over 15lbs. Some luckiest fishermen (and probably better) caught some 22/23lbs specimens. The guides confess us that we had the weakest week in terms of numbers of fish. I figure out what it would be when the peacocks are willing to play… The colours and the fight of the fish, the stories and the good vibrations at the camp, everything about that week on Rio Mataven will stay and is a lifetime memory.

Benoit de Vilmorin, Paris, bdevilmorin@gmail.com


I write to thank you, and your staff, for a great week of fly fishing the Tomo River. Great fishing, great organization, best of all was the great new friends.

We will be back every year



Edwin Fabrega, Panama, efabrega@yahoo.com