I have been sitting the whole week in front of my tying bench, here in my apartment in Zürich where i live since 1999, and waiting for the rainy summer to end. Although I should be tying trout flies, I have been tying large streamers for peacock bass and payaras. Yes, It is nostalgy! But a nostalgy that comes along with priceless memories of the best fly fishing experiences lived the previous years in the Orinoco basin-  my favorite destination while targeting peacocks and payaras.

I have to mention that for me, living in Switzerland, it was only possible to plan several fishing trips to the Orinoco Basin in Colombia thanks to Mr. Carlos Roberto Heinsohn. A gentleman, a brilliant fly tyer, a passionate fly fisherman who not only is one of the best known references in fly fishing and fly tying in Colombia, but also for his environmental and local community’s engagement, that contributes in making every fisherman a better fisher-person!

Thanks to his planning and correct treatment, I have been able to travel to Colombia almost once a year to take part in trips he has organized. It was back in March 2010 that he organized a trip to the Bita river, where I went with my swiss fly fishing buddy, Mr. Patrik Ziegler. The trip was hosted by a good friend and avid fly fisher, Mr. Juan Guillermo “ Memo” González, and our guides Mr. Alvaro Novoa, and his son Alvaro Novoa Cubillos. This experience was priceless, we were guided by the 2 best guides of the region, not only in terms of their knowledge of the rivers and lagoons, but for their hospitality and social skills ( not easy to find such good persons now a days). By the way, Alvaro Novoa Jr. and his brother Gustavo, are really good fly casters as well. And they know how to guide you along the river in search of the big ones. Also they own really good boats specially designed for this type of waters. In this boats there is no problem for 2-3 fly anglers to cast at the same time.

The subsequent 2 years, Carlos organized me 2 further trips to the Bita, Juriepe and Orinoco rivers, where he also joined. Those trips were also guided by the Novoas. And again, the trips were flawless. Plenty of fish caught, many species, delicious food, and the best after fishing moments spent, talking and laughing with the other fishers, guides and the supporting crew. And this in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by exotic nature !!!

It was in December 2012, that he called me informing me he was planning a trip to the crème de la crème destination for Peacock bass, the Mataven River !!! I couldn’t believe that! And in March 2013, it was possible.

It was the best fly fishing trip I’ve experienced so far. The location, the fishing, the huge peacocks!!!! What a week we’ve spent!

In December 2014 I had the opportunity to visit again the Mataven River, but it was organized by a venezolanian operator, but the trip organization was a complete fail. Not even counting that the fishing was not good due to the bad weather, but against whether conditions I have nothing to complain about. I have to point out that when exploring such remote and exotic regions, it is imperative book the trip in someone you can rely on.

Now, while looking at all the pictures of all this trips, I am full of joy, but starting to get anxious awaiting for Carlos’s call inviting me to take part in any of his new hosted trips.

Many thanks Carlos, Juan, Alvaro, Alvarito and Gustavo!

Kind Regards, and tight lines.

Leonardo Krucker

( Zürich-Switzerland)

Leonardo Krucker, Zürich, lekrucker@hotmail.com

Best fishing trip in one of the most exotic locations in South America.

Finger burning non-stop action everyday!

I was overwhelmed by the wildlife diversity and abundance of fish in the area, make sure you bring several memory cards with you!

If you want the REAL South American fishing experience without overpriced fancy paraphernalia this is the trip for you.

With hardworking local guides will make sure you face all species of peacock bass, some of them well over 15 pounds!

Can´t wait to go back!

Riccardo Pessina, Panama

Recently we joined Carlos Heinsohn and his team on an exploration trip to Mataveni river in Colombia. The experience was wonderful, plenty of fish to see and catch, the wildlife was unbelievable.

The logistics, preparation, hospitality and food was fantastic!

We can't wait to go back and explore a new river and build new memories with friends and family.

Mark Voyer, Boca Raton, markvoyer@yahoo.com

Fuimos a conocer los Lagos de Tarapoto en nuestro paseo al Amazonas. Tarapoto esta ubicado a unos 20 minutos del bello municipio de Puerto Nariño y a unos 90 kilómetros de Leticia después de recorrer unas 2 horas por el río Amazonas y de meternos por el Rio Loretoiacu. Observamos los delfines rosados , buscamos el Piraracú sin éxito y pescamos unas cuantas pirañas.

Estimado Carlos Roberto esté fué un paseo maravillo y lo disfrutamos mucho. Tarapoto es uno de los lugares mas apacibles y tranquilos para disfrutar del esplendor de la naturaleza que hayamos conocido. Un lugar recomendado para todos los pescador.  Puedes ver información de Tarapoto y amazonas aquí.

Santiago Salazar C., https://altomira.co