Bahía Solano


pacific-colombia-bay-viewThe town of Bahia Solano and the bay with the same name (Solano Bay) are located in the Darien Jungle inside the Cupica Golf close the border with Panama, one of the places in earth with the best fishing that still remain unexplored.

CHOCO-BAHIA-SOLANOThe fishing zone in Bahia Solano extends north up to the Nabuga and Cupica bay inside the Cupica gulf including the famous Cabo Marzo, although fisherman are able to move south to the Utria cove, all these locations with amazing fishing.

pacicfic-colombia-aerealBahia Solano is reachable from Bogota in a commercial 45 minutes flight to Medellin, then a same duration flight to Bahia Solano town.

pacific-colombia-lodgeVisitors will be staying in comfortable rooms in a cabin facing the beach where they will embark their boats. The accommodation includes breakfast and dinner in the cabins, and a packed lunch on the boat.

pacific-colombia-doradoFishing is done in 25-foot boats equipped with outboard motors, GPS, radio communications and emergency equipment. In each boat two fishermen are located so they can fly cast with enough space between each other.

Cetengraulis-mysticetus-AGALLONA-CARDUMAThe fishing season is from May to October, although you may find fishing all year long. The beginning of the season is marked by the arrival of huge schools of a kind of anchovy called locally as "Agallona" or "Carduma" (Cetengraulis mysticetus) that causes a feeding frenzy for all species of game fish, therefore fly fishing is unmatched in Bahia Solano.

pacific-colombia-dorado-rodrigoThe most common species for fly fishing in Bahia Solano are some varieties of Tuna, Greater Amberjack, Dorado (Dolphin fish), Jacks, some varieties of Grouper and Snapper, Rooster Fish, Tarpon, Spanis Mackerel and Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin.

pacific-colombia-sailfish-rodrigoWe suggest the use of 10wt and 12wt fly rods due the good sized fish found in Bahia Solano. Fly rods in the 8’6” to 9’ length range are ideal. Also is required to bring saltwater resistant fly reels with good drag system and more than 300 yards of backing.

pacific-colombia-gutiFor fishing on rocky shores and some flats a good option is to bring an 8wt fly rod with smaller flies. This setup will be great to comfortably cast. There are many species that will attack medium sized streamers and poppers and they will offer an unique fishing experience.

pacific-colombia-bay-view-2We highly recommend the use of tropical fly lines that are specially designed and manufactured for big game fish and high temperature environments. These kind of lines will run with ease through the guides of your fly rod in the hottest day of your trip. We also suggest fly lines designed to throw big flies. Leaders no longer than 6’ or 7’ are suggest.The leaders must be strong and must have a shock tippet of at least 40 or 50lb.

pacific-colombia-jungle-seaIn Fly Fishing Colombia we will advise you about the gear to bring. We will also advise you about clothing and other equipment that you may want to bring and make this trip a real pleasure.




  • Transport airport to hotel in Bogota
  • Hotel in Bogota the previous night before the trip to Bahia Solano
  • Transport from the hotel to the airport
  • Air transportation between Bogota and Bahia Solano, round trip.
  • Transport to lodge
  • Three daily meals and snacks
  • Six fishing days
  • Cold drinks
  • Laundry service



  • International or national air fare to Bogota
  • Additional hotel nights in Bogota
  • Meals and other activities while in Bogota
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities and Tips for guides, transportation or hotel staff
  • Personal items
  • Prescription medications
  • Fishing gear




All visitors to fishing camps, fishing tours or exploration trips of Fly Fishing Colombia must get a medical insurance that will cover you in case something unfortunate happens. However, all our staff will be ready of taking you to the nearest medical center in the shorter possible time.

We suggest our visitors to get an insurance plan through, there you will be able to find the most adequate insurance for you.


Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Flight to Bogota, we suggest getting there at night.

Day 2: Flight from Bogota to Medellin, then to Bahia Solano. Transportation to the lodge

Day 3 to 8: Six guided fishing days

Day 9:Flight to Bogota and then final international or national destination.


Reservations and payments

If you are interested in coming with us to the Bahia Solano, please reach us to either one of or both emails and we’ll share additional information and make the necessary arrangements to make your reservation.


Luggage restriction

The flight between Medellin and Bahia Solano is an one hour flight in a medium sized airplane. The commercial airline allows that each passenger carry maximum 15kilos (30 pounds) and a carry-on maximum of 5 kilos (10 pounds). It's necessary to pack accordingly. In this local flight, it's restricted to carry-on the fly rods, for which is strongly suggested the use of a heavy duty fly rod tube.



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