Fishing Trips

trips-visitors-talking2The fishing destinations that we have selected are located in remote areas of Colombia where nature shows all its magnificence.

trips-peacock-leoThese are forests with a high biodiversity that reach the sea or host rivers and lagoons that our visitors will enjoy. Colombia is recognized worldwide for its diversity and the exuberance of its landscapes ranging from the high Andean peaks with its cloud forests to the natural plains and tropical forests, the ideal scenario for fishermen looking to live an experience they will not find in any other part of the world.

trips-rod-rackIn Fly fishing Colombia we are always looking for new destinations with low pressure from sport anglers and commercial fishermen. We select our destinations thinking about offering our visitors the best possible fishing for peacock bass, payara and other highly rewarded game fish.

trips-crossing-vitaWe assure the easy access to these remote spots and we also make sure that all the security measures are in place for the anglers that want to live a “one of kind” fishing in colombian rivers and lagoons.

COLOMBIA AMERICA MAPAWe concentrate our operations in the northern region of the Amazon jungle and the Orinoco river basin system where our visitors could find the best rivers for peacock bass and other high sport valued species fishing.



We have an important destination in the Colombian Pacific on the region of Bahia Solano which is known for its exuberant forests and mountains that reach the sea, where visitors will find one of the best and most varied saltwater fishing.

MAPA CHOCÓ COLOMBIA2We offer our visitors a broad range of fishing trip options, where you will find the best conditions for a unique experience.

Mataveni River

mataveni-vichada copia

The Mataveni has remained for long periods without sport fishing in their waters, and now the indigenous community has established regulations for use of the river and sport fishing in which, among other things, only support a group of up to 10 fishermen per week; they alternate fishing areas to prevent undue pressure, there it is required the use of a single barbless hook on any lure or fly, and they engage visitors with the conservation of the river and forests. Fly Fishing Colombia has joined the conservation work and sustainable projects with the Mataveni community through advice on responsible fishing and implementation of good practices for Catch and Release.

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Tomo and Tuparro Rivers

tomo-big-peacockThese two rivers are part of El Tuparro National Park, a huge nature reserve of Orinoco plains that is home of many endemic species of animals and plants that has found there protection against extraction and the reduction of the habitat. The Tomo is a long river born in the plains and like most of the rivers of the Orinoco basin in Colombia, this one also runs from west to east. The Tuparro River is shorter but share similar characteristics, runs en the same direction as the Tomo but to a southern point.

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Vichada River


The Vichada River is a long River that is born near the Andes mountains in the Colombian Orinoco plains and runs east to west to flow into the Orinoco River right in the middle of the department of Vichada. Most of its lenght is the home land of many indigenous communities. The Vichada river has not been fished as much of the other main rivers of the region as the Meta or the Guaviare rivers because it is difficult to acces to its waters due to its location. This powerful river has many big oxbow lakes, home of big sized peacock bass.

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Bocon River


The Bocón River is a jungle river so its waters are red (also known as black waters) due to accumulation of tannins produced by the falling leaves of the trees. Despite the color of the water, it is quite clear as the river rises in the flat part of the jungle where the soil is sandy and does not contain clays or silts like rivers coming from the Andes that are quite bleary, especially in the rainy season. The river is very winding and is framed with the forest on its shores. Has some white sand beaches, sand cliffs and many submerged woods on its shores.

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Bahía Solano


You may find fishing all year long. The beginning of the season is marked by the arrival of huge schools of a kind of anchovy called locally as “Agallona” or “Carduma” (Cetengraulis mysticetus) that causes a feeding frenzy for all species, therefore fly fishing is unmatched in Bahia Solano. The best species for fly fishing in Bahia Solano are  Tuna, Greater Amberjack, Dorado (Dolphin fish), Jacks,  Grouper, Snapper, Rooster Fish, Tarpon, Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin.

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