Fly Fishing Tackle for the Orinoco

tackle-rodsRods: Fly rods should be fast action because they load sinking tip lines more efficiently and generally have more 'backbone' than softer models.  8 weight single-handed rods are the norm, usually you will not need more than that. It is best to have two rods rigged with different lines and/or flies in the boat. Please think on bringing an extra backup rod.

tomo-camp-rodsPowerful rods with a strong butt section are recommended. All of the saltwater series of the top rod brands are considered good choices. We sugest rigging one 8 weight saltwater rod with a floating line and a top water fly, and another 8 weight rod with a Sinking Tip or an intermediate (clear) line with a baitfish imitation fly. Fly fishing for peacocks is really productive, but can be tiring if you are not familiaried to blind casting (and then rapidly stripping) a heavy-weight fly rod all day long.

tackle-rods-2Reels:  As with rods, reels that have been designed for saltwater fly-fishing are the best choice. Commonly Peacock Bass will not make long runs with your line out of the reel, but when they get into the submerged branches, reels with strong smooth drags are highly recommended. Bring a reel that you feel comfortable with. Weight of the reel is important also since you will be casting a lot. You will need to fill it with 30-pound backing.

bocon-tackleLines:  On the first hours of the morning and the last hours of the evening most of the fishing is done close to the surface of the water. Weight forward lines designed specifically for the tropics and saltwater are what you need. Rio Outbound Tropical Short or Scientific Anglers Sharkskin warm water fly lines are the best. Sink tip lines are much more likely for streamers than floating lines, you can also consider bringing a fast sinking sink tip for some specific spots and/or fast water situations. We recommend a 250 to 300 grain sink-tip fly line (RIO Leviathan or Scientific Anglers Streamer Express). Bring at least one back up fly line, a intermediate sink tip, in particular.

mataven-rod-rackLeaders:  Peacock Bass are not particularly demanding nice presentations with long leaders, and the big ones normally can snap a 20 lb tippet as if it were 5x tippet. Leaders should be heavy enough to turn over big wind resistant fles. Remember to bring enough tippet material and 40 to 60 pound fluorocarbon shock tippet spools. If you are looking for a world record in these waters you should bring a wider variety of tippet strengths.

tackle-flies-orinocoFlies:  Fishing is mostly done using baitfish imitations. You can see our gallery to watch which flies works better with Peacocks and Payara.