Pacific Ocean



The Pacific Ocean in the northern part of South America washes the shores of the Pacific Region of Colombia. This region is full of beautiful and exotic natural landscapes, many of them still undiscovered.

MAPA CHOCÓ COLOMBIA2Within the Pacific Region is located the well-known Darien jungle, in the limits with Panama, with places still virgin due to its difficult access, in which are still undiscovered species of Flora and Fauna.


The Pacific Region by the exuberance of its natural regions, by the richness of its waters and the diversity of its fauna and its flora, is a natural paradise for ecotourism lovers, for lovers of diving and sport fishing.

Corrientes_ecuatoriales_del_PacíficoIn this corner of the Pacific Ocean there is a confluence between the cold waters of the Humboldt current coming from the south and the temperate waters that come from the California Current along the entire coast of Central America, which produces special conditions for the generation of plankton and small fish that are the basis of the rich food chain in the Colombian Pacific Region.




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