The Path of the Jaguar – Wild Fishing in the Colombian Jungles

A new documentary film by a group of renowned flyfishermen aims to protect Colombia's key jungle river ecosystems, hidden from the outside world for the past 50 years by the country's long-standing armed conflict. The overarching goal of the film is to inspire a new perception of Colombia as one of the world's richest and most diverse ecosystems that must be preserved for future generations.


Colombia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, that is why these anglers found the compelling reason to instead show a better, more realistic face, via the true wilderness of Colombia in a documentary film.


Many of the remote places in Colombia were preserved by the presence of the FARC guerrilla, they actually enforced the preservation of flora and fauna for various reasons, some obviously out of self-interest. In 2016 a peace treaty was signed and many of the groups that were protecting those areas abandoned their weapons and demobilized.


The filmmakers also hope to inspire new, sustainable local economies that harness ecotourism and provide long-term sources of revenue for local communities while protecting the health of these vibrant ecosystems. The distribution plan includes presenting the documentary to various organizations, from government agencies and non profit organizations, to fishing associations and local community groups.


Fly Fishing Colombia has joined this effort to create a conservation conscience in these moments of social and political changes in Colombia so these ecosystems could find a sustainable future in front of all the threats of particular interests that surely will seek to exploit them in an ambitious way.


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