• Flying Capybara

    Flying Capybara

    .   The commonly peaceful and quiet Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) becomes into a really fast creature when perceives danger, jumping…

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  • Juan José Canosa Catches

    Juan José Canosa Catches

    Juan José Canosa from Paraná, Entre Ríos (Argentina) has a special sense to find big Peacock Bass, here are some…

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  • Andrés Moretto Catches

    Andrés Moretto Catches

    Andrés Moretto from Rosario, Argentina, is a guest who loves to catch big Peacock Bass, and he surely knows how…

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  • Benoit de Vilmorin

    Benoit de Vilmorin

    The guides confess us that we had the weakest week in terms of numbers of fish. I figure out what…

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  • That’s how it was

    That’s how it was

    . . Years ago, when a few fishers went to the rivers of the Orinoco basin, we had to get…

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  • Giant Otter

    Giant Otter

    A male Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) in the Orinoco River. Otters are usually found in lagoons or hidden places, but…

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  • Orinoco Flies Slideshow

    Orinoco Flies Slideshow

    You should watch the best flies for the Orinoco Basin Rivers. If you want to learn more about these flies,…

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