Who Are We


Fly fishing Colombia is born as a tourism development project of fly fishing and Eco-tourism making specific emphasis on the Orinoco and Amazon regions; this is due to the outstanding options of sport fishing that we have found in the rivers of those regions and the natural treasures that still remain unexplored there.

Our mission is to offer to fishermen a one in a lifetime fishing on those rivers and secluded lagoons. Our mission and commitment is to work hard for our visitors to have a great fishing adventure, a comfortable stay, full satisfaction and therefore, one more reason to always remember Colombia and its people. Our vocation is to serve.

heinsohn-flyfishingCarlos Heinsohn, Fly Fishing Colombia founder, have been traveling all around Colombia and has been fishing since he was 3 years old. Lawyer and financial by profession, had been working in corporations and financial institutions. At the same time he has developed his interest for environmental protection taking part on different conservation projects and non-profit organizations. Almost 15 years ago he had developed fishing trip standards on the Orinoco and Amazonas among other regions in Colombia with a close partnership with local guides and communities. His experience has allowed him to understand what fly fishermen really expect when they come to the Orinoco and Amazon basin, and that way offer lodging and fishing services with high standards, and most important an excellent customer service for the complete satisfaction of our visitors. crh@flyfishingcolombia.com

Fly fishing Colombia works in a close partnership with Fundación Orinoquia in all of their campaigns related to the environmental conservation and sustainability of sport fishing in this endless region. We also take part in projects aimed to the peacock bass investigation and campaigns of environmental education with local communities and sport fishermen every fishing season in the Orinoco.


Our commitment to contribute to the welfare and the improvement of the life of local communities is to protect their natural resources and the sport fishing, marks a different starting point for these populations to protect the ecosystems they inhabit, at the same time that achieve economic and social benefits through activities that does not involve the removal of animals or trees from the environment.


Responsible ecotourism and well practiced fishing tourism, avoiding over pressure and adopting beneficial practices such as catch and release, are the best alternatives for those communities in remote areas of Colombia, which usually have many economic and infrastructure shortcomings, to find better life options through the generation of environmentally friendly sustainable development projects and income sources.


tomo-oscar-2-peacock-bassOscar is our partner and agent in the United States and Canada. With a wide experience in fly Fishing and specialized in trout fishing in Canadian Rocky Mountains and lately in peacock bass and payara fishing in his native Colombia. Oscar currently has his residence in Toronto and has really close ties with the Fly Fishing communities in the United States and Canada. Oscar is an Industrial Designer who has worked as Project Manager for Latin America in the implementation of high technology control centers. Since 2011 he is the owner of Vemo Fly Fishing, a Canadian Fly Shop with a significative pressence in Colombia and other countries. Oscar fully shares our vision and is committed to our mission to make Colombia known as a Fly Fishing destination, offering the best to our visitors and always on a basis to support conservation and maintain local Fishing sustainability. oscar@flyfishingcolombia.com



memo-gonzalez-flyfishingJuan Gonzalez “Memo” is our partner in Guiding, Sales and Customer Service. He has been fishing for more than 30 years and fly fishing for more than 20 years. He worked in Colombia as a fly fishing guide specialized in peacock bass and payara; He has fished many other species and has been fishing in other countries as the US, Venezuela and Canada (His current home country). As a college student, Juan made his graduation thesis about fishing and tourism industry, this study was honored and published as a book by Universidad Externado de Colombia. He has written several articles for some Colombian magazines. Juan is a devoted fly tier and a great fly caster. Juan has been part of Fly Fishing Colombia since the begginings and he is ready to support our visitors on anything related on fishing these waters. memo@flyfishingcolombia.com